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"The Quinn Guitar"

“…nothing but the uncommon soloist’s personality made him the unquestionable celebrity of that memorable evening. [Waldemar Gromolak]… presented a unique liberty and precision while playing his magic guitar. He showed a wide range of his guitar’s sound possibilities , the wealth of moods and character. Therefore the applause following his performance was so intense and the waterfalls of never-ending applause were even stronger whenever the artist appeared on the stage…”

       by Aleksandra Beben, Gazeta Wyborcza

“...This slim, tiny boy has proved to be the Titan of the guitar… He plays as we breathe; furthermore, playing seems to be the natural activity of his organism…”

       by Jan Schwarzlose, Goniec Pomorski

“…Afterwards there was only the masterpiece of the Spaniard Joaquin Rodrigo - Concierto de Aranjuez – just the greatest and most popular guitar and orchestra concert of XX century.
The Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra performed this three-part composition with 26-year-old exceptionally talented Waldemar Gromolak, who happened to be the first Polish guitarist that recorded the above mentioned composition.
I find this interpretation the greatest among those which I have ever listened to.
Waldemar Gromolak is an artist with an outstanding musical sense.
Never have I heard anyone who plays so beautifully and wisely as he does. Owing to him the composition of Rodrigo has shown us its inner depth and poetry. Waldemar Gromolak has managed to resist the temptation of Latin temper, thus from the very first note he has taken control over the music and his instrument. And Antoni Wit appeared to be the master at conducting and leading his musicians.
I was sitting in the last row and I have to admit that I have never heard so brilliant proportions between the sound of the guitar and the orchestra.”

       by Marek Skocza, Dziennik Zachodni
       (January 2000, New Year’s Concert)

"The storm of dance and senses"

“ If anyone has ever doubted that this music with its roots from the country of matadors and wild bulls could also tempt us with tender beauty and delicacy comparable to the motion of agile rabbit, one could believe in it at the concert of the virtuoso of classical guitar, Waldemar Gromolak. The artist with the soul of the dreamer rather than the matador has lead us through the woods of music with an unforgettable tenderness, feeling of harmony and inner peace…”

       by Ute van der Sanden, Thüringer Landeszeitung

“…In the second part [Concierto de Aranjuez] we were the witnesses of an absolutely beautiful dialog between the English corn and the guitar which had its culmination at the cadence. The conductor [Antoni Wit] has made the orchestra a colourful musical landscape so that the artist could shine brightly at this background. The soloist Waldemar Gromolak did not let us doubt in his unquestionable talent. He played with such an outstanding musical passion, precision and devotion, that the audience was eager to continue this musical fest.”

       by M. Schmied, Ostthüringer Zeitung

“...his playing is the masterpiece of self-control and passion with its noble sound and perfect technique…”


“…When Waldemar Gromolak and Adam Klocek started to play it was no longer a mystery that the two previous concerts had no life and energy. Surprisingly, the concert of the guitarist and cello-player, who had started to play together just two years ago, appeared to be the most remarkable musical event of this festival. If there are unforgettable concerts, it was the one…”

       by Beata Pasnikowska, Na Przyklad

“…Both compositions [Aranjuez and Fantasia para un gentilhombre] are on the CD which is very likely to become a bestseller. This the first Polish recording of these two guitar concerts. The brilliant guitarist has proved his uncommon talent and a great musical courage. The recording of Rodrigo’s composition after so many excellent works of world-famous musicians is definitely a challenge. Fortunately, W. Gromolak can be compared with the best artists. His interpretation with its temper and energy was perfectly fulfilled by the great sense of music of the orchestra. This concert was a real masterpiece…”

       by Ryszard Tusznio, Muzyka Klasyczna / Aktualnoœci / Internet

“… The unquestionable event of the 12th International Guitar Meeting Sanok ’99 was the brilliant performance of two world-famous musicians – the cello-player Adam Klocek and guitarist Waldemar Gromolak… The artists have played together since 1997 and the duo came into being in Cologne where both of them studied. We listened to their music with great pleasure and we admired the result of the unique marriage of the cello and guitar…”

       by Zofia Stopinska

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