Concerts in Lebanon
Competition in Weimar
Concert in Kazimierz Dolny
In November 2000 Waldemar Gromolak was giving a concert in Beirut , the capital of Lebanon. He was given the invitation by dr Walid Gholmieh, the president of the National Music Conservatory in Beirut. The concert took place in the Catholic Church of Jesuits. Waldemar Gromolak played the famous "Concierto de Aranjuez" by Joaquin Rodrigo with the National Symphony Orchestra of Lebanon. In his repertoire there were also miniatures of Walid Gholmieh and Joseph Ickhanian, the Lebanese composers.
On November 11, to celebrate the Polish Independance Day, Waldemar Gromolak gave a concert at the Ambassy of the Republic of Poland. He played a recital of Polish and Lebanese music.
Kliknij by powiekszyć
Kliknij by powiekszyć
Weimar - the prize winners of I International Guitar Competition "Anna Amalia" in Weimar,in the foreground the two ex aequo winners - Waldemar Gromolak and Bettina Richter (Germany), 1998.
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Kazimierz Dolny over the Vistula River - duo with Jadwiga Kotnowska (flute). The two artists while testing the acoustics of the Fara church before the concert at the International Music Festival in Kazimierz Dolny, 2001.
Waldemar Gromolak and Adam Klocek at the "Bluesaw" recording studio of Krzysztof Orłowski while recording a new CD.
Despiting his young age, Waldemar Gromolak is also a well known teacher. He was giving lectures at the International Music Courses in Kudowa Zdrój. He was even giving some master classes at the Music Conservatory in Beirut.
He teaches at the Secondary Music School in Wrocław.
Waldemar Gromolak plays with Szymon Blaszyńki (piano). Concert in the Oleśnica Castle.

Photos: Łukasz Gromolak, Piotr Małas

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